Project Life – Weeks 13 and 14


This week, I intended to make my PL process even simpler. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha.

This week’s spread took FOREVER. UGH. I had a really tough time getting weeks 13-14 balanced and pretty. So it goes.

It was a rough couple of weeks. First it was bitterly cold, then it got warmer, but Grace got horribly awfully ill. I probably could have journaled more about that, but since she was still sick the following week, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to make up for it my next spread.

Anyway, I like the final product, even if it doesn’t look anything at all like my usual style and is WHOA matchy-matchy.

I *really* like two of the cards:

The week 13 title card is a digital card by Emily Merrit that I turned into a mask for a photo of my latte at Bayou Bakery.

pl_13_14_13_closeupMy second baby wearing card is just white card stock with a cut-out I made with my Sillhouette.  It turned out much better than expected, and I’m going to do a lot more like these.  It’s a great way to add visual interest without adding a lot of *thickness* to a layout.


Supplies used:

All patterned paper: SC’s Lemon Lush collection
“13” used to create the week 13 title card is from Emily Merrit
Striped candy dots: Queen & Co that must’ve come in either a CT or SC kit from ages ago (I never would have bought them myself).
Wood veneer: CT exclusive from an old kit.
Alphas on 14’s number card: SC, also from the CT April kit.
April card: CT exclusive
Ribbon: also CT
Card stock is, as always, AC.

Layout – Jasmine holding baby Grace

Jasmine is so happy to hold baby Grace!
Jasmine is so happy to hold baby Grace!

My sweet sweet daughters … so easy to love when they’re sleeping, or as happy as Jasmine is here.  This is another layout from the crop.  I told you all I got a lot done!  I’m continuing to experiment with more muted colors and feminine layouts.  The neutral chevron combined with the pink title card (a 3×4 I would never have used elsewhere), the pink twine, and the heart paperclip perfectly captures the sweetness of my girls.

Project Life – Week 12

Project Life - Week 12What a hectic week! Bertrand and I finished up our initial four-week introduction to Arabic at FSI, then headed out to my parents for a lovely weekend of scrapbooking. I got a ton done at the crop (read about it here, here, and here), but somehow managed to avoid taking a single picture. How did that happen?

My most recent PL layouts have been pretty white (which I love, but … 12 weeks into the year, and I’m ready for something different). I wanted to try using embellishment clusters on a few cards. They turned out great! I don’t like the look of stickers on 12x12s, because I like everything to stick evenly (stickers stick like stickers, and not like die cuts and ARGH I AM NEUROTIC I KNOW). My solution is to destick the back of each sticker with baby powder. Once the sticker’s no longer sticky, I can reposition it, give it dimension with pop dots, and generally, use it just how I would online casino a die cut or any other embellishment. Anyway, I wanted to use some of the Allison Kreft stickers that’ve been taking up space in my closet.



I used a fair amount of Allison Kreft’s Valentine’s collection, Sprinkled with Love, some paper from Carta Bella’s Hello Again, and beautiful yellow wood grain from Pretty Little Studio’ Neopolitan collection. And a few cards from the Dear Lizzy Day Dreamer cut aparts.


Most of the wood veneers are Citrus Twist exclusives, except for the cute little camera, which is Scraptastic. Any inked wood veneer was colored using Stampin’ Up Petite Pink. Can you believe I don’t have a pink chalk ink? Crazy pants! I like how the SU gives a bright pink color, but still lets the wood veneer shine though a little bit.

The “12” card comes from Just Jaimee’s April Storyteller alpha.

And as always, A/C card stock for journaling and matting.





Layout – Dad and baby Grace

Dad holding Grace as we get ready to head home from the hospital
Dad holding Grace as we get ready to head home from the hospital

Another quiet photo of a man I love with my daughter.  I don’t remember taking this picture, but I love how it captures the love on my dad’s face as he holds his granddaughter.

My love affair with wood veneer and neutral colors continues.  I love the hearts and the burlap and how it contrast so well with the papers I used to layer with the photo.  I’m working on getting better at embellishment clusters, and I think it’s starting to show.

Layout – Sweet baby Grace and my husband

Sweet baby Grace sleeping on my husband
Sweet baby Grace sleeping on my husband


I got SO MUCH done at the crop, including starting my second daughter’s album.  We don’t have a “family” album, just Project Life.  I do a fair number of “mini” albums, and then each of my daughters has their own chronological album.  For me.  Not for future them.  Heh.

I love this picture of Bertrand and Grace.  They are so peaceful here.  I knew I wanted to do something more muted than my usual style, so took a hike around the shop to find some quieter pages.  The page is very simple, but I love it.  I always forget how much I love distressing and inking edges until I actually do it.

Project Life, weeks 9-11

Mom and I went to a crop at the lovely last weekend and had a wonderful time.  I’m still not 100% caught up on PL for 2014, but I was able to get several weeks done, and get all of my photos matted and into pockets.  It’s a good start.

Project Life Week 9
Project Life Week 9

You can see here that my style this year is much much simpler than last year.  We’re back in DC, we don’t have anyone to help in the house (#firstworldproblems, I know), and frankly, getting anything done with a toddler around is difficult to impossible.  So simple.  The paper is mostly SC’s Printshop.  Washi and enamel dots were out of a Citrus Twist kit.  And the kids4sale printable came from … I have no idea, actually.

I spent the week sick and miserable, so we didn’t have a lot of pictures (another common theme for this past winter).  One page layouts are rocking my socks right now.

Project Life Week 10
Project Life Week 10

Week 10 was our first week of language training–no, our second week of language training.  We started to get into the swing of things, and then FULL STOP.  Grace started eating solids.  I spent the weekend prepping for the gaping maw.  This week is some Bo Bunny and more SC Printshop.  Labels are Pretty Little Studio, and wood veneer is Citrus Twist.

Project Life Week 11
Project Life Week 11

Keeping it crazy pants simple for Week 11.  My family celebrated Christmas in March because I couldn’t get my act together to buy presents while I was in the States on maternity leave before Thanksgiving.  My parents and brothers’ family were kind enough to delay the celebration until I got over the “OMG I HAVE ANOTHER NEWBORN” shock.  I really like the clean white look.  Printables are Paislee press. Wood veneers are Recollections (tree) and Citrus Twist (arrows).  I have no idea where the stars came from.

I’m hoping to be able to stay a bit more caught up on PL for the next few months.  We’ll see how that goes.

Project Life – Week 8, back in DC

Week 8 was the first PL spread I made this year. I know! I know! I am SO FAR BEHIND.  I’m going to a crop in a few weeks, and I’m hoping to get mostly caught up then. Hah.

As I’ve said before, this year, I’m trying to keep it simple. More photos. More journaling. Less spending hours making beautiful filler cards. I didn’t have enough photos to justify a two-page spread, so I just made one:

Project Life Week 8

The wood grain calendar card is a combination of two Paislee Press cards. The week in review is also Paislee Press. I’m in love with their digital cards. Very simple. Very elegant. Very easy to edit and modify.

Project Life – Week 7

I’m back to Project Lifing (or “Pocket Scrapbooking,” as it’s now called by everyone else but Becky Higgins). As I’m several weeks behind for 2014, my plan is to do two weeks each week: the current week, and one “catch up” week.

Here’s week 7, the second half of our trip to Seattle:

Project Life Week 7 (left)
Project Life Week 7 (left)
Project Life Week 7 (right)
Project Life Week 7 (right)


Lots of wood grain, lots of wood veneer, lots of white card stock. This year I’m focusing on keeping layouts as simple as possible, with as much journaling as possible. Last year, I got really caught up in embellishing and creating and OH MY GOD IT TOOK HOURS. This year, my PL philosophy is KISS. I can go nuts in my girls’ scrapbooks. Our weekly family book needs to be easy for me, or I’ll never stay caught up.

30 Days of Gratitude


We actually don’t do much to celebrate holidays in our family. Too many years abroad and too many years too broke to afford anything but a bottle of wine and pizza have made us, well, skeptical of holidays that seem designed only to pull money from our wallets. A perfect holiday doesn’t require anything but friends, family, and love. And I am continually amazed at how well we manage to accomplish that, even as we add children and disposable income to our loves.

This year’s early start to the Christmas season has freaked me out. Growing up, trees and lights and advertising for Christmas began the day after Thanksgiving. Sometime in the last decade or so, the timeline shifted, and now the advertising begins the day after Halloween. I’m grateful, so grateful, that my husband shares my indifference to it all.

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we’re doing 30 days of gratitude. Every day, Bertrand and I are going to talk about something we’re grateful for, and I’m going to document it in a cute mini-album. The watchword for this album is SIMPLE. I was going to skip the project entirely, but a fellow scrapbooker mentioned doing a gratitude smash book, and I said to myself, “I can do that!” The base is a Kraft pocket-sized Moleskine. It’s got 64 pages, so I can do 32 spreads, or a title page, 30 gratitudes, and a closer.

I designed all of the die cuts myself, and cut them out with the Cameo. In addition to the cover and title page (below), I cut out numbers 1-30 for the days, and some tags for each day (you can see “JOY” on the first page, also below).


For each of my pages, I intend to glue on a number, add a few embellishments, then journal. There may be a few pictures (particularly of our daughters!), but I want to keep this book focused on gratitude, not scrapbooking.


And finally, the kit! Patterned paper, glitter paper, SN@P alphabets, washi, and a few embellishments.


Again, I wanted to make this album as stress-free as possible. I wanted everything to fit into a 6×4″ Iris photo case, and miraculously, I was able to do so!


I’m really looking forward to this project. I’ve already written down what Bertrand and I are grateful for today. Unsurprisingly, we are grateful for our wonderful daughters. Jasmine and Grace are indeed blessings, and we are grateful to have them in our lives.

December Daily Prep – cover page and a few cards


Christmas is coming! Forget Thanksgiving. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I love the holiday cheer. I love selecting and giving presents. I love decorating the tree. And I am so excited to introduce my kids* to new Christmas traditions.

Last year, I participated in Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas class. It was a hectic time of year, and I had a hard time keeping up. At the same time, I can’t quite wrap my head around knowing what colors and themes I’m going to want to use on a particular day in the future, so I don’t create all of my base pages in advance.

Instead, I’ve put a kit together, and I’m creating filler and journal cards, with the hope that I’ll just be able to pull from my pre-made “stash” each morning when I get up early to put the previous day’s layout together before heading to work.


This is my 2013 cover. The letters are wood veneer covered in gold Memento ink, with sequins I picked up at  PhotoScraps scrapbook yard sale. The paper is … Echo Park? I think? I cut this for last year’s DD, and I’m not sure of the exact line.


On this card, I’ll replace the card stock on the right with a 2.5″ x 3.5″ photo. I am in love with snowflakes this year, and have been using my snowflake punches everywhere.


Anyone who’s gotten a card from me in the last couple of months knows that I am LOVING hexagons lately. Sure, they’re trendy and they’ll probably date my projects, but they’re fun, they tile nicely, and they give me a chance to use up scraps that I’d otherwise toss. Sticking with my color scheme of classic Christmas colors and wood grain, this 6×4 card will be used for either a photo or journaling.


And finally, I’ve been giving my silhouette a good workout. It’s true that I hate spending money on something I could make myself, so I’ve been designing journal card bases like crazy! I love the glitter paper in the negative space, and I’ve made several cards of this genre. Card stock is white American Crafts.

I hope that doing this prep work will significantly ease the stress of keeping a daily scrapbook from Thanksgiving through the New Year.

* Grace has been around for almost two weeks and it’s still weird for me to pluralize “kids.”